Friday, June 8, 2012


This blog will not do justice to how much I learned and how much this trip influenced me. This trip really did broaden my horizon and got me outside of my comfort zone. It taught me that is more to the world than just the US, and there is plenty of other ways of raising livestock that work just as well. It was a trip of a lifetime, I thought by the time the 7th or 8th day rolled around I would want to be home, but I easily could have spent another couple weeks over there. A little bit has to do with the face I had a great group of people to go with, and we met some of the nicest and most genuine people while we were over there. I got to admit at first I was concerned about the cost, but after all that we did and learned I would do it again in a heartbeat. This experience equaled my education of the last two years I spent in college. So would I recommend this trip to other people? Of course. Asia or Africa hasn’t really intrigued me too much, but Australia did, and after visiting I am even more fascinated by the country. I really do hope to go back someday.
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