Thursday, June 7, 2012


Practice is what I thought about today. I jumped on my fourth plane ever, and learned how to throw a boomerang and spear. We got up early to catch our plane to Cairns, which you all didn’t miss too much there. In the afternoon though, we visited the Tjapukai Center, an aboriginal theater. There we learned how the indigenous people believed they came to exist. They had a show in the theater, and then taught us some of their dances and how to make fire. They then taught us the art of throwing a spear and boomerang. They showed us other tools and I couldn’t help but think that people lived like this and still live like what they showed us. I couldn’t help compare them to the Native Americans as in how they are so similar yet so different. They both faced the hardships of the settlers, and both respected they land. It is good to be back in the hotel for a shower here are some more pictures for the day.

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