Thursday, June 7, 2012

Australian College

The night before we got to meet some students from Charles Sturt University and hear about how it is different than the US and then the next mornign we visited CSU and met Dr. Chenoweth who used to be at KSU. We got tour the livestock units and see there vet hospital. It is a little smaller than I expected and I was suprised to see they were set up more for equine than anything else. There beef unit is something to see though. It is set up for the students to really learn something. Afer hanging out at CSU for awhile we stared our 5 hour trip to Sydney, and on the way we stopped at a McDonald's which I got to admit, and I hate admitting, but it was probably the best burger I had all trip.

A bull at the vet hospital
We did finally make it to Sydney and it reminds me a lot of New York City. We have a had alittle time to explore the city and have found several cool shops. We are getting ready to go on the dinner crusie around the harbor and it is hard to believe we will be by the famous opera house you see in the books and on TV.

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