Monday, May 28, 2012

the load out chutes in the morning fog

Cattle marketing was the biggest emphasis of our 6th day in Australia. We started our day at the Wagga Wagga sale barn, which in my opinion, was pretty dang cool or bang on as the Aussies say. Their ability to sort cattle and keep the sale moving is amazing. It is a sale barn that runs 3000 head of cattle through on a Monday, and 30,000 head of sheep on a Thursday. They do not have the auctioneer chant that we have in the states. Then a short drive across the street we saw our second abattoir, a Cargill joint venture with the Teys brothers, which was a pretty American way of doing things.  Stopped for dinner in Temora, and then continued to the Jindalee feedlot which is owned by the Cargill joint venture with the Teys  brothers as well. it was nice to see that they use HGP and feed grain because most ofnourbtrip we have heard about a lot of grass fed beef. Unfortunately since all the animal welfare controversy we couldn't snap many shots of the plant and feedlot, but still some of e coolest stops especially the sale yard, hard to describe how cool that was. We are getting ready for a night out in Wagga Wagga I ll let you know about that one tomorrow. So...... Good Morning America Pake

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