Friday, May 25, 2012

WWI memorial

Day 2 of our trip in Australia was pretty fun. We started out the morning at the department of Industries, which is where we learned about the livestock industry and how the fight diseases and keeps track of cattle and sheep from the time they are born to the abattoir.  The seminar this morning really made me think how Australia is so similar in their food safety as the US. When it comes to animal identification Australia requires more of the producers and processors. The afternoon turned out to be pretty fun. we stopped at the WWI memorial which is the largest granite building the world. visiting that memorial made me realize show important that is to Australia like all the way memorials in D.C. Is to us. We also stopped at the St. Michaels church,largest church in the southern hemisphere. It is hard to explain the beauty of it. We finished at the brewery which is pretty similar to America. It was very cool to see the Aussies take on beer. Right now we are having our free night in Melbourne. So good morning Manhattan, talk to you tomorrow. Pake

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