Saturday, May 26, 2012

Polar opposites

Sheep shearing barn
Polar opposites is what we encountered today. We started the day off at Lawson Angus which is heavily influenced by Gardiner Angus. as we were listening to Harry I realized how much they try to follow us and how much thef US influences their genetics and production, but all in all they are a lot like us and production programs.  In the afternoon e visited Lima Park which is a 500 head Hereford and 3000 sheep operation where Mr. mcMillian strives for a stress free, hormone free, and grass fed operation. I ve never been around that operation but the main reason he does it is to sell to the EU and that's the kind of beef they want in Europe. I may not completely agree with they way he raises cattle but it is his point of view that is interesting to hear. From high end production system to a passive way of growing beef is they many different things we have seen here. So good morning America we will talk to you tomorrow. Pake

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