Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well 21 hours of flying and making it through Australia's customs ended up being pretty successful for this guy's first flying experience ever. Everyone was asking me if I was nervous and really to be honest I was just at nervous about my bag being over 50 pounds, and worried if I had forgotten something. Good news was I did not freak out and the flight attendant gave me my first set of wings thanks to Dr. Schaake letting the whole plane know I was a first timer.Believe it or not thy flying took up two days by the time we crossed the date line, but we did some interesting and saw some interesting things the first day. I really didn't feel that I was in Australia for the first hour. It didn't hit me until we got into the city. Driving through the city was a little scary all because they drive on the left side and you live in constant fear you will hit someone, but good news the McDonald's here is just as good as the one back home.We continued our drive through the city to the wildlife sanctuary and as we did it really did hit me that I am in foreign country taking advantage of a once and lifetime deal. So far the thing I love about this country and maybe I am naive but the people here are so laid-back and courteous.We saw many interesting animals at the sanctuary then we made back to our nice hotel where then we went out for a welcome meal, and we all had our eyes opened to Australia's idea of good food. Main thing is the prepare so much different, but still had to be some of the best lamb I've had but that is not saying much. We got lot planned for tomorrow such as a brewery tour, and then a free night in Melbourne and hopefully we will find some fun stuff to write. Otherwise good morning America and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Pake

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  1. Pake we all enjoyed seeing Wyatt's picture of your first set of wings! That was great ;)