Friday, May 25, 2012

Farm to fork

From farm to the fork was the emphasis of our trip today. we started the day at the JBS abattoir where it was pretty interesting to see their processing procedures and in all reality it did not differ too much from ours.  It was still a very tour we got the chance to have. The afternoon has been the highlight of the trip so far. We visited Webb Black Simmental Ranch. Phillip Webb, the owner was the nicest guy you will meet. They would taken us through more of the farm, but unfortunately there is unusual rain fall here this time here. It was cool to see how much we have influenced their operation, and their ultimate goal is to sell cattle to us in the US. They were very enthusiastic in marketing their cattle and making connections with us. The Webbs are some just fun laid-back people who have a real passion for the Simmental breed. I wish them the best of luck and they are fun to party with. Good Morning I'll talk to you all tomorrow Pake

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