Monday, May 28, 2012

First timers

merino wool
The Rock
Today started with some first experiences for Lot of us. we visited the Trigger Vale Genetics sheep farm. Their flock consists of 2500 head of merino and white faced suffolks. It was the first time most of us if not all of us had seen a merino flock and you can just the quality of wool sitting on their on back. Even tho sheep isnt my forte it is interesting to see where the sheep industry stands and where it sis going. We have always talked about this merinos breed and their wool in class but it was a little cool to actually see it I person. One of the most interesting stops so far has been the emu farm. I have seen emus at the zoo but to actually see them in a production setting was pretty cool.  I will put a picture below but the view from this emu farm was amazing and is the namesake for the town close by. We rounded out the day at Spry Shorthorns. We looked at their stock, and they had a BBQ for us too. It was interesting to see their herd mainly because is purebred operation but they produce for the commercial producer. In the US we have the appendix program so it is all just a little different.  We made it to the hotel in Wagga Wagga hit the bed hard  and it was ummmmm only 8:30, but free WIFI so I will put some pics up when I get some time. Happy Sunday America

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